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May 08, 2009



Look at your awesome (albeit broken kids!) Had fun with y'all today! Happy Mother's Day!

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James Freyd (siding repair sugarland tx)

"The house remodel has been dragging on and on. I will have a separate post about that later, Hopefully when it is done."

LOL, house remodel usually drags specially if you don't delegate it to someone else. A professional perhaps? Will read your post about the remodel, when it's done ;)

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We recently had the same problem with our garage door. I can tell you, it was a real discomfort to fix that thing! My wife likes to park in the garage though so I had to get it fixed otherwise I would in no way hear the end of it. I didn't have any experience fixing garage doors but fortunately there's very a bit of info on the internet and it is not that difficult. And the components are readily available at most hardware stores or you can pick them up cheaply on the internet too. It took less than two hours from start to finish to get everything squared away and working once again, and hey presto! working garage door!

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