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September 08, 2008



I feel your pain. We haven't encountered something like this with the house...but we are going through chaos with government offices here in Germany just so we can name our kid. Sounds absurd and it is...but they have laws about what you can use as a name and if you have a girl, you must use at least one name that identifies her sex... So we manage to pick names that are only unisex (of course) which means our poor daughter is going to be forced to have 3 first names.

Why do we need these people in government offices? Can's we just exchange them with those computers that are voice activated? I swear we'd still get just as many useful answers from them!

Best of luck with the sewer issue...and thank goodness for adorable little kitties, right? ;)


All I can say is - cute kitties!

statewide van lines

I love those kittens! Next time I am under severe stress I will search for the cutest kitten photo ever to calm down my nerves! Thanks for the cool idea.

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